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Teaching Future DevOps at – and making a difference in my free time

 If kids don’t meet that one fun person who shows them the boring part that leads to a fun outcome while entertaining them, then they may lose interest.
 Teaching coding, a subject I wish I had the chance to learn about as a young child, to the next generation feels like both a selfish and natural way to spend my spare time. I don’t want to condemn my parents or my surroundings. Back in the early 90s, I grew up in a society that had the full potential to teach me exactly what I would need to know to achieve great things but, instead of C++, I had to choose between learning German or French. In math, I had to learn algebra, but my knowledge of the subject wasn’t put to the test using code. Had my teachers used programming  basics to explain concepts, I would have been able to understand better and visualize what I was calculating, and the reason for that calculation.
 I know that I sound rather judgmental, but it is not meant that way.
 I am glad that my expectations weren’t met because I still remember all the hours I spent to find the solutions for simple errors and all the stubborn determination I had as I was trying to install Gentoo Linux on an Asus board. The BIOS wasn’t prepared for LINUX. I can say that I never stopped exploring. My parents bought me a 486 back in ‘92. At that time, I had DOS and the blinking cursor. One of my father’s friends bought me a mouse and gave me ten floppy disks with Windows 3.11 and one with Norton Commander. Well, shortly after that, one of our neighbors gave me a floppy disk with Wolfenstein 3D on it. What if they had bought a book about C++?  By that time, I was shocked to realize that I was becoming a user.
 But I had that little question how does it work? Answering that question gave me many headaches and caused repeated software reinstallations.    I learned the basics; no matter what you won’t break the hardware, and in the process, backups are a great solution.
 After one of my high school teachers realized that I had removed a virus from the IT class’ computer, they got me a week-long internship at IBM. I knew then, at 16, that I wanted to get a computer engineering degree and I wanted to work for IBM. I also had a burning desire to learn how to code, and by 1998, I was doing exactly that in tech school.                                                                                                                                                                                     A position at IBM followed, but there was one thing that I didn’t expect. IBM needed my help in the load shop. At the end of my degree, I was in the field repairing laptops and desktops for customers. It was great, but the position didn’t make use of my software skills.  Today I know one thing; children want to know how things work and the reason for any results. This is how they evolve as people. If they take a little step in the right direction, overcoming their fear of failing, then they will never stop exploring. I will be that guy that gives the children the little push in the right direction, the direction of self-motivation and DevOps, in other words, not just a consumer zombie.


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By mihion / September 11, 2017

Lidt om serverens opbygning


Du starter på Bifrost og herfra har du mulighed for at udforske de forskællige mytologiske verdener.
Assgård hvor du kan være kreativ, alt er mulig dog skal man arbejde lidt for at blive accepteret af guderne.
Midgår rent survival men man kunne jo være heldig at Tor kom forbi. 😀
Udegård en sindsyg lava verden, som man siger I lava you! … Nightmare…
Faction, Hungergame er nogle af de øvrige m.m.
Vi har også en server hvor dem som beder om admin og op bliver henvist til. 😀
Alt kan ske her på denne server og bliver man vellidt af guderne kan der ske utrolige ting.
Vi er her for at have det sjovt og lære nye ting og byder alle velkommen.


Vi er tilgængelige 24/7.


Og husk!

Vi er her fordi vi syntes det er sjovt og vi ønsker også at have det sjovt sammen med dig!
Vi tolerer ikke nogen som gøre nogen ked.

Info til forældre:

Vi bestræber os meget på at beskytte børn mod ubehagileheder, i form for uegnetsprog, samt at vi bloker upassende personer så snart vi opdager dem.
Det kan være en umulig opgave men vi er selv forældre og ved, at det er vigtigt for os at vores børn har et nogenlunde sikker værested på nettet.


Vi byder alle velkommen og håber at i vil være del af noget støre end bare at spille på en ligegyldig server. Vi har eksisteret over 6 år og er i konstant udvikling vi er dog først begyndt at promovere os for ca. 2 år siden.

Mvh Mihion / Challenger gruppen.
By mihion / February 6, 2017


Her vil jeg begynde at blogge om Minecraft opsætning mht. plugin m.a.